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While an addiction of a sexual nature can occur in both men and women, single or involved with a significant other, particularly a spouse, this program is specifically designed and effective for married men. There are two reasons for that focus. First, we have had the most success over a period of more than two decades treating married male addicts. Second, her pain follows a known, predictable course ...eventually leading to a divorce or a resurgence of trust in her partner.

The treatment program at the Sex Therapy Center of Orange County is intense. The successful outcome depends on a few critical components. These are:
  • Working as a team, the therapist will guide you, while it is the addicts responsibility to follow through, 100%, on all daily recommended assignments.
  • It is usually important that the injured spouse be part of the therapeutic team, especially during the initial evaluation appointment, to provide historical information and current status as to the addicts behavior, and to understand the Sexual Pornography addiction therapy process and its effect on the relationship.
  • The sexual or pornography addicted male must completely own up to the fact that he put his wife's emotion well being at great risk, in exchange for his immediate gratification.
  • The therapy process includes providing known, working tools to stop the offending behavior; the reduction and eventual elimination of the impulses; and understanding / integrating the causality of the addictive behavior as an insurance policy to prevent recidivism and eventual repetition of the offending behavior.
  • Part of the therapy process involves reeducation of one's emotions and positive behavioral changes.
  • There will be daily contact with your therapist. This includes voice and email communications.
  • The addicted person must be 100% committed to the program in order for it to work. Such commitment includes behavioral and emotional changes outside the therapy setting.